Weave Aftercare

*Avoid bringing your hair into contact with chlorine, for example in a swimming pool.

*Use a tangle teezer hairbrush - this will allow easy combing of your hair whilst preventing damage to the follicles.

*Apply the daily moisturizer recommended by your stylist.

*If you use a flat iron on your hair avoid the ends.

Remember, when caring for your weave, it is just as delicate as a woollen sweater.

Trendsetters stocks Hairaisers shampoo, conditioner and conditioning mist and the Dream Girl aftercare range.

We recommend GHD thermal protectors, Dream Girl Shampoo, conditioner and shine spray, IC shine cream, IC hair polisher.

Never use styling products with alcohol or ethanol as they dry the hair and increase the risk of matting.

NEVER use hairspray. Your Trendsetters stylist will recommend all the best styling products.

How to wash your hair

Brush your hair thoroughly before washing it. Rinse it with water. Apply plenty of shampoo to your hair and let your fingers slide from the sides, between the tracks with a gentle touch and never in a circular motion. Smooth the shampoo down the extensions.

Avoid scrunching. Rinse the shampoo from your hair. Apply conditioner to your hair, especially to the tips. Leave it in for three to four minutes then rinse and finish with lukewarm water. Use a towel to squeeze the water from your hair but do not rub or twist it dry.

Let your hair dry for five to ten minutes then apply your recommended leave-in conditioner and any other recommended products. Comb from the tips to the roots, and don't forget to use your tangle teezer!

Now you can blow dry your hair whilst combing through it. If you are in any doubt about how to care for your hair, don't hesitate to call Trendsetters at 023 8033 8200 or 023 8033 8976 .